Long Torso Swimwear Guide for Summer 2017

Need a long torso swimsuit due to being tall? Since spring is right around the corner, I started researching swimsuit trends for Summer 2017.  As a result, I put together a list of where to find the latest styles in long torso swimwear for tall women. If you’re taller than average like me, one piece swimsuits have been the bane of your existence, due to the bottoms riding up. I use to opt for 2 piece tankinis to solve this problem so I could comfortably water ski or play in the waves. I’m so excited that the internet has opened up my options for finding tall swimsuits instead of having to settle for whatever I could find. I’m so excited to finally share my list with you so you can find the latest styles in tall swimwear for Summer 2017. Here's to no more wedgies, ladies!

To view all retailers carrying long torso swimsuits instead of shopping by style, check out our Women's Tall Swimwear on All the Tall Styles.

Strapless One-Piece Swimsuits

J. Crew has an amazing selection of strapless one pieces in tall women’s swimwear and long torso swimsuits and I’m so excited to wear mine this summer! I always wanted a strapless one piece that covered my chest adequately because the regular sizes never do! The extra length in these should do the trick.

Tankini Swimsuits

If I ever want another tankini, I’ll be sure to order one in tall women’s swimsuits or long torso swimwear next time! Here are some options I found if you want to stick with the tall girl’s original go to when swimsuits aren’t long enough, except this time your tankini will fit you properly.

Halter Swimsuit

The halter swimsuit is a great option if you want a little more coverage up top. If you have a larger chest or maybe have to bend over a lot due to chasing around a toddler (me!) this super cute style can help you feel more comfortable while looking fabulous. J. Crew and ASOS have cute options.

Blouson Tankini

First of all, I love this style, but this isn’t something you can get away with wearing a regular women’s size if you are taller than average. I know because I tried last year and had to send it back because it just didn't fit right! While this style is good for any body type, it's important it fits correctly. I found some cute options at Lands’ End.

The Scoop Back

The scoop back swimsuit is definitely hot for 2017 and is also a style where fit is crucial. Show off that sexy back while lounging at the pool or beach. J. Crew has two options available in long torso swimwear for you to choose from, either of which are good choices.


Low V Swimsuit

You'll definitely make a statement in this style and as a result feel fabulous. The Low V swimsuit is in for summer 2017 and consequently a must have for a trendy look. Just be extra careful if you plan to play in the waves. I probably wouldn’t recommend this one for wake boarding or water skiing!

One Shoulder Swimsuit

I ordered this one for myself because It comes across to me as very classy, yet fashionable. I feel like I should be wearing it on my yacht sipping something delicious while soaking up the sun.

Cowl Neck Swimsuit

I personally haven’t tried on this style (yet) but love the look because I'm into flowy clothing styles. I wear a lot of cowl neck tops so I especially can’t wait to see how this transitions to the pool. Let me know in the comments if you have an opinion on this style. ASOS was the only retailer I found offering it in tall women’s sizes.

Active Swimsuits

Are you a surfer, water skier, or wake boarder? Maybe you just love jumping off the diving board or playing in the waves without a care! These tall swimwear options are great for anything active you can think of and will keep you covered up and comfortable.

The Classic Shape One-Piece

Here are some options in your classic one piece with shaping. This is your basic go to for classic style on the water.

Long Tall Sally

That’s my round up for swimsuits offered in tall women’s sizes or long torso swimwear for summer 2017. I'll be checking with retailers frequently for new styles to see if anything else is available and will update the blog. If you find anything that I missed, leave it in the comments.

To view a complete list of retailers who are offering tall swimwear and long torso swimsuits, visit All the Tall Styles swimwear page.

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